If you look out of your window you will see a very special tree; I know you will because I know that what you see, from your eyes, is very special indeed.

I would like to ask you to go to your window, open the curtains and try to see if you can spot this unique and wonderful old hunk of trunk, but chances are you are in bed, tucked up, warm and safe from all of life’s little monsters. It’s also very likely that it is dark outside; which is lovely because if you were allowed to go and see this tree then you will see its sprinkle of dazzling tinkling lights. But you can’t, you are in bed, reading this story, so you’ll just have to believe me in that this tree lives outside your house and that it is magical.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Pirates Vs Fairies 2

It is out now!

Pirates Vs fairies 2, featuring Capden Den, Prince Purplerain and the return of Bosun Bill, is out now and available to download from Amazon all over the world. Just 0.99 of your currency.

Capden Den, while trying to escape the fairy retreat, stumbles across a bunch of astronauts and they have to use his help for them to leave the Fifth Isle. In the mean time, Falkirk and Dodgy Dave are hatching a plan to rid themselves of the ridiculous pirate and get to the Fairy Kingdom where they can get on the side of the Fairy King, Tobias.

With adventures galore, and mermaids, hippos and the return of the feared T-Rex, Pirates Vs Fairies 2 is packed full of fun and ideal for the whole family to enjoy together.

Go to Amazon now to buy your copy for Kindle and Smartphone, or comment if you wish to purchase a paperback version which is coming soon.

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