If you look out of your window you will see a very special tree; I know you will because I know that what you see, from your eyes, is very special indeed.

I would like to ask you to go to your window, open the curtains and try to see if you can spot this unique and wonderful old hunk of trunk, but chances are you are in bed, tucked up, warm and safe from all of life’s little monsters. It’s also very likely that it is dark outside; which is lovely because if you were allowed to go and see this tree then you will see its sprinkle of dazzling tinkling lights. But you can’t, you are in bed, reading this story, so you’ll just have to believe me in that this tree lives outside your house and that it is magical.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Pirates Vs Fairies 2

It is out now!

Pirates Vs fairies 2, featuring Capden Den, Prince Purplerain and the return of Bosun Bill, is out now and available to download from Amazon all over the world. Just 0.99 of your currency.

Capden Den, while trying to escape the fairy retreat, stumbles across a bunch of astronauts and they have to use his help for them to leave the Fifth Isle. In the mean time, Falkirk and Dodgy Dave are hatching a plan to rid themselves of the ridiculous pirate and get to the Fairy Kingdom where they can get on the side of the Fairy King, Tobias.

With adventures galore, and mermaids, hippos and the return of the feared T-Rex, Pirates Vs Fairies 2 is packed full of fun and ideal for the whole family to enjoy together.

Go to Amazon now to buy your copy for Kindle and Smartphone, or comment if you wish to purchase a paperback version which is coming soon.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Monday, 23 July 2012

I would like to say a huge thanks to those of you who have bought the book so far; it is going very well. I've had some really wonderful feedback, with children from Mereworth School telling me their favourite characters, but who would be yours?
Capden Den is the pirate; he has charm, wit and is very silly.
His friend is Bosun Bill; a portly old pirate who tries to keep Capden Den out of trouble and always worries.
Their enemy is Dodgy Dave, an evil man who absolutely hates Capden Den.
But Capden Den also has someone who loves him, The Barmaid Formerly Known as Sally, or Keith, which is her real name.

Any one of these could be your favourite pirate, who would you vote for? Who would you like to see a picture of? Who would you trust in a fight in a bar?

Pirates Vs Fairies is available now from Amazon, Lulu or direct from the author.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Updated News

After a hugely successful reading at Mereworth School in Kent (thank you Yr 2), the Pirates Vs Fairies bandwagon is now in full swing and the author is available for readings at a school near you. Currently we have a few schools interested and there are lots of you!!

Feedback for the book has been amazing, with people saying how much they love the characters, especially Capden Den! Grand Hippo Raz also appears to be a firm favourite, but who would you choose?

The author is currently working on another book but as soon as that is finished attention will turn to Pirates Vs Fairies 2, already outlined with a story-line that will both shock and excite!

As things stand, expect to see P Vs F 2 in the next 6 months!

Huge thanks to all of you who have supported this book, find and like us on Facebook.


Monday, 14 June 2010


Uneasy peace has fallen across the world. 
After years of fighting between fairies, pirates and dinosaurs
 a curtain has fallen over the eternal war and each race 
has limped away to lick its wounds and reflect on their futures.

But under the terrible rule of Fairy King Tobias a new rebellion has occurred. The queen and wife of the king has fled her husband, taking with her a band of fairies who share her same belief: that everyone can live in peace together.
Following her lead,
 her son and the young heir to the throne has also gone missing.

Capden Den, pirate and rogue, hearing the news of this and needing to pay his debts to his arch-rival Dodgy Dave, goes in search of the fairy prince in order to collect the King's reward and free his crew from the curse that has befallen them…